Tuesday, September 22


Ok, pics are FINALLY up!!  

Hopefully everyone not on Facebook will be able to see them, so let me know if you have any problems.  Also, not sure why you're having trouble posting comments on here, but you can keep emailing me just the same.

It's actually impossible to put into words, even for me, the shenanigans that have took place since we've been here.  Just imagine trying to buy a cell phone completely in Spanish, ask about plans and rates for every possible scenario, be totally caught off guard as to what you may find on your dinner plate or in your lunch, walk around a foreign city and see at least 10 people you know, not only meet and learn about Spaniards and their culture, but even meet and learn about people from not only the U.S., but ALL OVER the world!  Everything has been a learning experience and an adventure and we're all loving every minute (ok, minus a few pangs of homesickness).  But we're all looking forward to getting settled into our apartments and beginning our new jobs as Culture & Language Assistants in Spanish schools.  

CIEE has been awesome.  We feel so prepared and armed with info.  CLIC, where we take Spanish classes every day, has THE best teachers.  I am impartial to mine, Jose Antonio, who is freaking hilarious.  I've already learned so much more about how to communicate effectively here in Spain.  Esperanza, my señora, and I just kick it and rap out in Español for hours.  She's a typical Spaniard and I love hearing her stories.  We had a Brazilian girl move into the apartment, but she keeps to herself a bit.  It's nuts to be around so many different kinds of people, but I always feel right at home thanks to my girls, Jenna and Kelsey.  We are three peas in a pod and will most definitely be friends for life.  Kelsey is 22 and from Minnesota.  She's a total hippie at heart and laughs EVERY minute of every day.  She keeps things light and positive and I am lucky to know her.  Jenna and I are totally made for each other in regards to sharing this next year of our lives.  She's super down to Earth, is up for anything and is a phenomenal listener.  She's gotten to know my freakish self and for some reason, seems to love me!  I could be around her for hours... she has the world's greatest laugh that just brings sunshine into my heart whenever I hear it.  Every day the three of us find ourselves peeing our pants at God knows what.  I suppose you could call us "The Three Amigas" :)

Thanks to you all for your sweet emails!  I miss you SOOOOO much and count the days 'til I can share this crazy life with you.  Your encouragement and love get me through every waking minute and it really hits home what an incredible circle of support I have around me.  I already knew that, but obviously it becomes more apparent when you are removed from the situation.

¡Hasta luego!


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Do you people have a facebook fan page? I looked for one on twitter but could not discover one, I would really like to become a fan!