Friday, September 11


Fear not family and friends, for I doubt I will rarely clog up your inbox with (gasp!) two posts in one day. But for those worried/paranoid/caring types, I made it safely to London and am happy to be killing a few hours at the Mecca for people-watching fanatics like myself... London Heathrow Airport. Enter green-haired punks, adorably accented children begging for Cadbury's (yes, I've refrained!) and senior citizen types who could just give a hoot about anything, yet seem to maintain a charming elegance in not doing so. Brits as a whole have an uncanny humor I could just bathe in. Sprinkle in foreigners from every corner of this planet and you could say this layover will be a breeze!

And just for visual sake, for those who have lived with me or traveled with me, yes, Big Bertha is here. Yes, my neon, day-glow backpack is here and you met my brown, orange and cream plaid addition over the weekend. The three of them combined make ME an easy target for gawkers, as I know I am being judged for being an excessive American, overpacking and oversized in every way. I have kindly found subtle ways to inform them I am MOVING TO SPAIN and I think I did pretty darn well, thankyouverymuch.

Thanks for all the well wishes and stay tuned for Free as a Songbird con subtitulos!